5. There is this nice little theatre which totally reminds me of the one back home and after the last piece I’ve watched there, I feel the urge to hang out in front of the building or in it all day long. You see, this one actor was eating chicken on stage, in a very, very manly way, and would then clean his hands by putting the sauce into his hair. Wow.

4. I’ve got money. Not a lot, but more than I am used to. So I have to spend it. This must be what people do, who can afford it, I guess. I’ve never really realised what kind of clothes I didn’t have although the sweaters and shirts and shoes obviously cry for me. And if you think about it: I’m doing something good for the society because I am helping the economy grow back to old strength and stuff.

3. My days are suddenly so short. See, I go up, have some nice breakfast, go to work, work, work – well, one work less will do, too – afterwards I’ll go for a run or two and kapow, it’s already seven and – I don’t want to complain – but way too often there is something planned for the evening as well, that wouldn’t allow me to write something good for around here, you know. Concerts. Wine drinking. The usual. Doesn’t really work to come home from such a night and post a text either. Surprise.

2. The fact that I do love knitting patterns. Sitting and knitting. Until my fingers hurt. No joking. They really start getting red and disgusting after a while. So when I was buying wool the other day I was thinking about taking this Norwegian (!!) knitting finger protection thingy home, but then I wouldn’t be really hardcore and no true knitting grandma if I had those, right?

1. My regular dates with Mister Draper. And by saying regular I mean daily. Lasting at least three hours. Taking dozens and dozens of cigarettes. Whiskey, naturally. God, I am so afraid of finishing season four. What am I gonna do then. It’s not just that I need to drool over him. I am also in love with the Misses. Oh my.

collage with draper, a chicken and dollars

(chicken, dollars, don)