5. Hanging out in the Stadtpark could be so nice. Take a blanket, wine, comfortable clothes and someone you like with you. Not gonna work. Because as soon as you enter the meadows, a million insects will attack and hurt yourself, nearly destroy the evening but destroy the following days for sure. Itchy, itchy, itchy.

4. There is this certain bicycle path around Jakominplatz, no one seems to notice it. Not the pedestrians anyway. The car and bus drivers also ignore it, but I am not gonna mess with them. When the walking people cross the street without looking or suddenly stop in the middle of the path they always look so surprised hearing a full braking of a biker. One day I will just keep on going and don’t care about all the blood I will leave behind.

3. Everyone always meets at the Weikhard Uhr. That’s one little place full of waiting people. And the best thing about it is, to have a seat on the opposite side of the street and observe the sweet girls checking their watches constantly, getting angrier and angrier, until their loved ones finally arrive. Then they all live happily ever after. Great.

2. Every now and then you get surprised by a wonderful and unbelievably great concert announcement. (Not that there are not plenty of good concerts in Graz, just not perfectly perfect ones.) If you are extremely lucky the concert takes place at a beautiful hill called Schloßberg. And if you someone really loves you for one short moment, the man of your dreams comes over with his band. Somehow comparable to Josh H. two years ago. Yes. Men of your dreams. By the way, where is David Martin?

1. The feeling that you aren’t missing anything when staying at home instead of hitting the city on weekends, watching the most stupid and most disturbing shows on TV, while your roomie is reading out loud the latest news from Bravo and you are sipping Gösser Naturradler. Nom nom.