5. Resisted again to buy this one dress I’ve been looking at for a couple of weeks now. I’m just not sure about it. It looks so sweet and it is damn comfortable, but if it fits me in the end, I can’t tell or decide. But I suppose that’s okay, I need to stop spending money on clothes anyway. The numbers in my bank account used to look so much better. A long, long time ago.

4. I’ve found my sleep again. – Not that I want to tempt fate. Well, that ship may have sailed anyway… But it looks like if I won’t have to lay around for hours without falling asleep anymore, waking up every two hours, getting up too early because there is no point at all in weird, bad dreams and getting no rest but a depression.

3. Went to watch Fish Tank with no one less than Kaja. It really paid off; an interesting movie – bit strange though, popcorn and we learned hot new dance moves which we both probably will try out secretly before we go to bed today. Besides we then spent the rest of the evening/night in a friend’s appartement with a bunch of other girls, having fun and eating fruits, primarily the new Freia chocolate of course. Oh, I am addicted!

2. The Oslofjord got inspected by me. And my parents who stopped by for a little visit. So I basically became Norway’s capital city’s best guide on the whole world this weekend. Now I must have seen every tiny little thing around here. I even named all the seagulls at every harbour and coast. And gosh, that’s a whole lot of flying, screeching dudes. If you are interested in one of my tours – a few thousand Norwegian crowns and you are in.

1. I put on my ballerinas for the first time this year and I still own all my toes! And to clarify that: I wore the flats for the first time because something like spring has reached Oslo – the snow is melting, sun is shining, temperatures around +6 degrees – not because I just recently bought them. (By the way: What you cannot see on the picture since my feet are hiding it, there is the pattern of the Austrian flag printed on the inside of the shoes. Superb, isn’t it?) The stupid thing was that wearing brand new shoes can be a problem sometimes when the pair is first of all causing blisters and stuff. Guess what? Combined with all the walking I did because of the point mentioned before my feet look gross. There are also wounds. Ick!

Brand new Ballerinas