…that are not explicit the people there.
…after I haven’t been there for one freaking month.

Crib in Graz

5. Going somewhere and meeting people I actually know – accidentally. Whether I like them or not. But at least something’s familiar. Although I must admit I’ve already met a few people here by accident. For example this one guy, who is way too much in love with himself, who may thinks I am as well, but oh no. I’m actually thinking about telling him that I hate his piercing and that he isn’t that cool and that I am not following him around the city.

4. Get on my bike and cycle to every place I want to. Especially take my bike with me going out so that I don’t have to walk home by foot.

3. Carrying twenty-four cans of beer and twelve cans of energydrinks with J. from one end of our street to the other. Having about ten breaks and can-exchanges while doing that. And of course haven’t paid a milliongazilliontrillion Euros for it. Oh, Graz!

2. Inviting C. before some party or go over to hers just to have one or more drinks at home, listening and dancing to tons of good music and getting the perfect outfit and plan for the night. Sometimes we are such girls. ♥

1. My crib. Its kitchen. Its bath. My bedroom. MY BED. Which is propbably more than twice the size of the thingy I have to sleep in here. See, I really need all the space and there is nothing better than lying across two mattresses. Really really really.