5. We started drinking at around 5pm, we stopped drinking at around 5am. Don’t ask me how we managed to keep on slurping alcohol for ten freaking hours. I mean we were already completely drunk at 11pm. But that’s what happens when you go out with people you like who are extremely sympathetic to beer. And wodka. And gin.

4. Won-Won surprises me every time I hang out with him. I’ve become so fond of him during the last couple of weeks and it’s always tons of fun slagging off people, discussing music and teasing each other.

3. The kebab on my way home was superb.

2. Suddenly Paolo Nutini entered the bar. I had such a crush on him when I was younger. He is still this tall and good-looking guy but that’s it. When I talked to him I realised, I am so much more cooler than him. I also found out that I’m really able to get over some man. Hope, hope. Nice.

1. There was the very first concert of SOR ever. And I’m absolutely pleased with the result. Of course they aren’t Incubus six years ago, but what band ever started off being kick-ass cool and perfect. Oh yes, I really love my homeboys from SOR. Especially the bass player.